Cotswolds Absinthe

Cotswolds Absinthe

Made in extremely small batches, our absinthe is based on authentic recipes from 19th-century France. Herbaceous notes from green anise, fennel, grand wormwood and angelica seed create a perfumed spirit with a striking natural colour. It is bottled at a traditionally high strength.

  • 500ml
  • 60%

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Forget what you’ve heard, this is one elegant spirit.


The finest ingredients

Our delicious Cotswolds Absinthe is made in very small batches. It is modelled on a 19th-century recipe and brings to mind the green meadows and sun-dappled woods of the Cotswolds with its herbaceous notes.

The key to making absinthe is the addition of one set of botanicals for flavour and a second botanical infusion to give it it’s characteristic yellow-green colour.

Tasting notes

Quite herbaceous with a strong citrus note, along with the traditional anise and chlorophyll flavours. When water is added (recommended volume – 4:1) it develops a lovely cloudy louche.

Lovingly crafted

We distil Green Anise, Fennel, Grand Wormwood, and Angelica Seed with pure wheat spirit in our small copper pot still to create a highly aromatic and perfumed distillate.

This is then coloured by macerating Petite Wormwood, Lemon Balm, Veronica and Hyssop in the spirit, with a gentle heat. It is bottled at a high strength to preserve its natural colours.

Serving suggestions

Cooling and refreshing on a warm summer day, it’s the perfect aperitif when mixed with water and lots of ice.


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