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Is your gin vegan?

All of our gins are suitable for vegans.

Is your gin gluten free?

All of our gins are gluten free.

Why does your Cotswolds Dry Gin turn cloudy?

We don’t believe in chill-filtering our spirits (a process we think damages the flavour and texture, during which certain compounds like oils are removed so the spirit stays clear) so when our Cotswolds Dry Gin gets cold or diluted with ice or tonic water, the oils from the botanicals come out of solution and form a pearlescent cloudiness. Non-chill-filtered means more flavour and a richer texture, so we’re all for it!


Is your whisky vegan?

Our single malt whiskies are unsuitable for vegans as we use a very small amount of butter during the fermentation process.

Is your whisky gluten free?

Our single malt whiskies are gluten free.

Can I buy a barrel?

Although in the past we have offered the purchasing of barrels, this is currently something we do not offer.


Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs on leads are always welcome!

Can I book a table?

We do not accept table bookings but we do have plenty of seating available, including outdoor seating when the weather is nice.

Do you have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available?

Please click here to view our menu. If you need any more information, please ring our café team on 01608 611 543.


How can I book an experience using a gift voucher?

If you have received a voucher for one of our experiences, please call our tours team on 01608 238 533 or email to book.

Are children allowed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children under 8 years of age on our experiences.

Children aged 8-17 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult on our Tour & Tastings and will not be able to partake in tasting sessions.

Under 18s are not allowed to partake in our Blending Masterclasses.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed on our experiences.

Do you have free parking on-site?

Yes, we have plenty of free parking available on-site.

How can I change or cancel my experience?

Please call our tours team on 01608 238 533 or email to change or cancel your experience.

Please note, we require 48 hours notice if you would like to cancel a Tour & Tasting and receive a full refund. For private tours, we require 14 days notice.

If you would like to change or cancel a Masterclass, we require 7 days notice if you would like to receive a full refund.