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whisky still

Our Values

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We love WHAT WE DO

Our spirits are truly lovingly crafted - we all love what we do and we love what we make. It was always important to our founder Dan that we make something about which we care, in a place which we love. Our team of distillers go above and beyond, from peeling hundreds of grapefruits by hand to carefully sampling each cask of whisky.

We believe in QUALITY & FLAVOUR

With everything that we do, we always have quality and flavour at the forefront of our mind. This was always part of Dan's vision and continues to be one of our core values. Whether it's running our whisky fermentation for longer than the standard duration, or using ten times the average amount of gin botanicals, we believe in producing delicious spirits to the best of our ability, no matter the cost.

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We encourage INNOVATION

Whilst the ingredients and equipment we use are traditional, we are very open to experimentation. We have always taken an innovative approach when crafting our spirits by using a modern scientific understanding of the gin and whisky making process and fine tuning it along the way. We are unbound by tradition and are therefore passionate pioneers.