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sheep lying in field

Our Landscape

Quintessentially ENGLISH

With bucolic villages and chocolate box cottages, miles of honey-coloured stone walls and a gently beautiful, rolling landscape featuring sweeping meadows, the Cotswolds is like an impressionist’s painting.

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Inspired by our LANDSCAPE

The Cotswolds is hugely important to us; in fact, it defines every aspect of our being. We feel extremely lucky to live in one of England's most charming and beloved regions, full of character, romance and history. We try, where possible, to emphasise the rich agricultural bounty of the Cotswolds, such as the barley in our whisky which is grown nearby on the Blenheim estate. The principle things that grow in the Cotswolds are fruits and grains, and these are the building blocks of our gin and whisky flavour profiles.

SUPPORTING Caring for the Cotswolds

We care for the Cotswolds and strive to support it as much as possible by raising money for and awareness of Caring for the Cotswolds. Managed by the Cotswolds National Landscape, this conservation scheme is a way for businesses and people to give back to ensure the environment is taken care of. By protecting our heritage and landscape, conserving habitats and species and improving education, the money raised through Caring for the Cotswolds will allow us all to enjoy this beautiful area we call home for years to come.

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