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Person floor malting barley by hand


Cotswolds Distillery Club Exclusive Spanish Oak

Introducing our newest creation – Cotswolds Spanish Oak whisky, a truly special expression exclusively available to members of the Cotswolds Distillery Club. Crafted with meticulous care, this whisky is a captivating fusion of Spanish Oak Oloroso sherry casks and our signature first-fill ex-red wine and bourbon barrels.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours, from the initial vanilla notes and sweet cooking spices on the nose to the taste of dried apricots, custard and star anise.

The finish brings a subtle wood tannin and lingering vanilla, leaving an enchanting and unforgettable experience on your taste buds.

We are giving you the opportunity to have early access release as valued members of the Cotswolds Distillery. Please fill in the form below and on the 12th September we will provide and email with link to purchase a bottle of Cotswolds Spanish Oak.