Posted on January 27, 2017

Distillery Diaries - What's Behind the Colour of Whisky?

Without wanting to get too technical, it’s all to do with the interaction between compounds in the wood and the water and alcohol in the liquid. You’ve got all sorts of different compounds that will affect the colour of the whisky – tannins come into it, as...

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Posted on December 07, 2016

Distillery Diaries - How to Whisky

There is a perception that the world of whisky is one shrouded in mysticism; beasts and legends and deeply obscure tasting notes. And to a certain extent that’s true – there’s an awful lot of it out there and there are periods in whisky’s history where...

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Posted on March 09, 2016

Distillery Diaries, by Zoe

For a bit of context, the reason whisky-types get so excited about casks (which, from the outside at least, look like a collection of almost-identical, slightly grubby and weathered wooden barrels that have seen better days) is because approximately 75% of the flavour of the whisky...

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Posted on August 14, 2015

Distillery Diaries - What IS Gin?

As a distiller, I often get asked, what exactly IS gin? Where did it come from, and why do us Brits love it so much now? Well, the answer is a little more complex than you might think, so here's a quick science and history lesson... I promise it...

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